Dogs, Cats, and Dental Care – What You Need to Know

Brushing our teeth may be a twice-daily routine for just about everyone, but it’s safe to assume that your pets haven’t picked up the same habit. Not only do they have no comprehension of their dental needs, they’re also quite incapable of picking up a toothbrush and going to work. It falls on you, then, to make sure their dental needs are met.

At All Creatures Veterinary Care Center, we provide pet dental services to everyone in Northern Liberties and the surrounding areas in Philadelphia. But we can’t be there for your pet every day — when you’re not at the vet, there are things you can do at home to care for your pets’ pearly whites.

What You Need to Know About Pet Dental Care

  • Dogs and Cats Have Dental Problems Just Like Us: It’s a common myth that pets humans only have dental problems because of all the sugar we eat. This is only somewhat true — while we rot our teeth much faster than other animals due to our diet, tooth decay is still natural for any kind of animal. Even if we weren’t eating sweets, we wouldn’t be exempt from dental problems. It’s the same with dogs and cats — even with a good healthy habit, they can have dental problems.
  • You Can Brush Your Pet’s Teeth at Home: It may feel weird brushing your pet’s teeth, and even a little icky reaching into their mouth, but they can benefit just as much from brushing as you. It’s just important to follow some ground rules. The most important one is to use pet-friendly toothpaste. Human toothpaste is toxic, even to us — we just spit it out because we know better. Dogs and cats are likely to swallow what you put in their mouth, so it’s critically important to use toothpaste that’s specifically designed for them.
  • It’s Easier If You Start Off Early: If you’ve had a cat for five years and you decide just now to start brushing their teeth, well, good luck. We’re not saying you shouldn’t try, because dental care is essential, but it’ll be much harder to prod and poke inside your pet’s mouth if they’re not already used to it. If you want to make dental care much easier in the long-run, play with your pet’s mouth when they’re a young puppy or kitten; this will make it much less jarring for them once you start to add brushing and toothpaste.

Get Regular Pet Dental Cleanings at All Creatures Veterinary Care Center

The last thing you need to know is that your pet will benefit from going in for regular dental cleanings. You may not be able to waltz into a dental office and expect them to clean up your Australian Shepherd’s teeth, but you’re more than welcome to stop by All Creatures Veterinary Care Center!

We recommend going in at least twice a year for a teeth-cleaning for dogs and cats. Want to set up an appointment? We serve pet owners in Northern Liberties and other surrounding areas of Philadelphia. Contact us today to get started!

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