When making the decision to purchase your pet’s medication, we know you have many options, including online or local pharmacies, but not all options are the best for your pet. Consider the following information when purchasing your pet’s medication:

Competitive Prices

It is a myth that online pharmacies are cheaper than purchasing through your veterinarian. Most reputable online pharmacies charge the same or more than your veterinarian. Most veterinarians also have an online pharmacy whose prices are extremely competitive and also allow the use of manufacturer coupons and deals that non-veterinary online pet pharmacies cannot.

Ensures the Correct Medicine and Dosage

Buying your pet’s medication from a licensed veterinarian is the only way to guarantee that you’re receiving the correct product and dosage for your pet. Human pharmacists are generally not trained in the different dosing requirements of your pet.

Prescriptions Tailored to Your Pet’s Needs

Veterinarian-prescribed medication is intended to meet your pet’s specific needs because it’s prescribed only after examining your pet. This also means that you will be notified about any potential side effects.

Highest-Quality Medications

To ensure the quality of the product that your pet receives, most companies that produce medications will only sell them directly to veterinarians. Online pharmacies obtain many of these products through a grey market or from overseas. This may compromise the integrity of the product that you give your pet. Therefore, veterinary medication companies will not guarantee the quality, or side effects of the product unless it is purchased through a veterinarian.

Guaranteed for Your Pet’s Safety

Any medication that is purchased from a veterinarian is guaranteed to be stored in optimal conditions. This is not guaranteed with online retailers.