Bearded dragons are one of the best pets that you can have in your house. They are the easiest reptile to take care of and can even be just as loving to you and your family as a cat or dog. Some people look at a pet such as this and think that it is too exotic or that it will be far too hard to work with. This is not true at all. In fact, they are one of the easiest reptiles to take care of. Here’s why!

Bearded Dragon’s Behavior Is Second To None

When you are getting a cat or a dog, you can never be completely sure what they are going to act like, as they will tend to be acting slightly different in an environment where they are comfortable. A bearded dragon’s temperament is more often very passive rather than aggressive. This allows them to be easy for kids to play with because they won’t be threatened as they might be with dogs.

They Are Easy To Take Care Of

The biggest things with bearded dragons are getting their environment right. Once you have that dialed in, they are just happy with being fed every day. They also are able to eat a wide variety of foods, so feeding them isn’t something that you need to break the bank for. This makes them an easy pet for teaching your kids how to take care of a pet.

They Live For A Good Amount Of Time

You will typically pick up a bearded dragon when they are two or three months old. After that, they can live anywhere from 10–12 years. That means that you will have them for a long enough time that you can watch them grow just as you would a big dog. Also, if you have kids, this means that they can grow up with it and create quite a relationship with them.

They Are Individualistic

One of the greatest things about them is that even though they are relatively passive it doesn’t mean that they have no personality. They will all have little quirks that a pet owner can appreciate. Some will follow you around the room even in their cage. You can even take them for walks on a leash outside if you would like. They are fun and you will enjoy learning about their little personalities.

They Do Not Get Too Big

Bearded dragons need at least a 4-foot cage and grow up to 2-feet long. This means that their size is not cumbersome at all and they will take up a small amount of space. This also allows for it to be easy on them if you need to move because the environment in their cage can stay the same even if the environment outside has changed.

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If you haven’t been convinced by reading this, check out this other blog that we wrote and see for yourself how easy it actually is to take care of them. If you decide to bring a bearded dragon home for you and your family contact your local exotic pet vet in NJ for all of your bearded dragon needs.