In our last blog post, we began to talk about some of the different exotic pets that are legal to own in New Jersey, but we were only able to cover a few before we got a little carried away. If you’re still looking for fun exotic pets that you could call your own, we’ve still got plenty to add to the list. That being said, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a few additional animals that could be your next best friend.

Bearded Dragon

In the case that you’re looking for a pet that isn’t as cute and cuddly as some of the others that are on the list, then this might be the pet that you’ve been waiting to hear about. Bearded dragons originate in Australia, and are one of the more common exotic pets within the United States. While they are a little bit more intimidating in their size and structure, they are a fantastic pet for children.

Known for their calm nature and the low maintenance lifestyle that they have, these dragons are easy to handle and care for. What makes them an incredible pet is that they are entirely exotic and legal, however, you must first get a license to have one.

Fennec Fox

If you are someone that enjoys a high energy pet, then you will be excited to hear that Fennec foxes are legal to have as a pet. These are the smallest breed of fox in the entire world. Fully grown these foxes only wind up being about four pounds. What makes them incredible is that they are so small, and have so much personality, that they are very similar to both a cat and a dog.

These small foxes offer the same energy level as a dog, but they also embody an independent personality type like the cat. As a whole, this makes them a pretty great fit in just about any household. As a whole, these foxes are fantastic pets and are legal through most of the United States. Aside from that, you can count on these being your cuddly companions anywhere between 10 to 15 years.


Another cuddly animal that you’ve likely heard of before is going to be the well-known wallaby. These are essentially mini-kangaroos, which, how could you not love a miniature kangaroo? While the can certainly be found throughout the United States as a household pet, they do require you to have a license first. We would also suggest looking into the wallaby before deciding that it’s a pet you’d like to bring home.

You might think that there is no animal that could beat the high energy levels of a puppy, but this wallaby will give you a run for your money. For starters, you’re going to want to make sure that you have enough room for them to get out and play around. Aside from that, you’re also going to want to make sure that you have enough time to devote to bringing them up so that they are domesticated.


One of the pets that we are seeing show up in more and more homes across the United States is the small, and adorable hedgehog. These little animals make for an incredible household pet because they are similar in size to your standard hamster, and are just as easy to maintain.

While they are a little bit more expensive than your typical hamster, they certainly offer a good change for people who are looking for a smaller pet that is still exotic and adorable.

Ball Python

The last exotic animal that we’re going to touch on today is the Ball Python. This snake, in particular, is known for its ability to kill its prey by constricting it, which means that it wraps its body around its prey and squeezes until it suffocates them.

While that may sound terrifying to some, for others it sounds like the perfect exotic pet to add to the family. These snakes are smaller than the well-known boa, but can still get up to 4 feet in length. On average, these snakes live anywhere between 20 to 30 years, so you should be prepared to take care of this pet for the foreseeable future.

While they are illegal to have as a pet in some states, they are pretty common household pets here in New Jersey. Even so, we still suggest making sure that you have a license for your snake before you bring it home.

Call Your Exotic Animal Vet

If you do decide to make a companion out of any of the exotic pets that we’ve listed in this blog post, you can feel confident knowing that there is a trusted exotic animal vet right here in Sewell. Stop by our office today so that you can enjoy the highest quality of care in the New Jersey area.

Make sure to keep up with our blog so that you can continue to learn about exotic animals and ways to better care for your pets.